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Tattooing and Piercing


                                                           In the first few days after a tattoo is placed the outer layer of skin (epidermis) will peel away and flake off similar to sunburn.

                                                            This natural protective barrier that is part of the skin requires between two and four weeks to grow back properly, until then the new tattoo is very vunnerable to chemical and physical effects, also because each needle puncture actually pierces through the epidermis and into the dermis the next layer of skin down these thousands of individual punctures must heal and close over or the pigment granules will leach out of the skin, it must be looked after and well cared for until the epidermis grows back to its original thickness and protects it.

                                                      A fresh tattoo needs to be covered with a dressing for only the first one or two hours after it is completed, essentially until the drainage of tissue fluids from the needle punctures has stopped, after that the tattoo should not be covered with a dressing again, gently cleaning it three or four times a day with mild soap and warm water is recommended, be careful not to scrub or agitate it as this will disrupt the tattoo causing further pigment and fluid loss even permanent damage to the tattoo, the newly tattooed skin must be kept moist by applying an aftercare or moisturising cream which has been recommended to stop the tattoo drying out, do this as soon as the tattoo is dry after washing it to stop the skin drying out and cracking.

                                                     After the coloured shell (scab) has fallen away the tattoo may look healed but it is still in the healing process and as such is susceptible to changes and infection, continue with the washing and aftercare avoiding swimming pools and sea water, household detergents and cleaners, also check that the clothes to be in contact with the tattooed skin are rinsed and cleaned properly.

                                                      You will know when your tattoo is healed properly as it will no longer itch or irritate you, the coloured shell will have gone and to touch it will feel like any other part of the body...this will take anywhere from two to four weeks depending on how you heal and the size of the the larger the tattoo the longer it takes to heal. 


T.H.C.   Highly recomended by almost everyone who tried it.

TATTOO GOO   Rated by many as the #1 with a vast range of aftercare and then some.

BEPANTHENE  Cream for babys which is also very good for healing tattoos.

SAVLON ANTISEPTIC CREAM  The most obtaiable and still a good bet for no problem healing.

SAVLON WOUND WASH  Brilliant for keeping the tattoo or piercing clean as well as speeding up healing time without any colour loss.

PREPERATION H  This cream has many uses apart from the manufacturers intended use healing tattoos being another one.


               Although all the above products are tried and tested i would not recommend

               mixing or blending the products!

               Find the product that works best for you and stick to it.

               For best results apply to a clean tattoo with clean

               hands three or four times a day.